by - Wednesday, January 06, 2016

My winter break is officially coming to an end today as I head back to school. While class doesn't begin until the 11th I have to be back early for sorority recruitment since my school (Furman) participates in delayed recruitment. This will be my second recruitment "on the other side" meaning that I'll be doing the recruiting. Having been through recruitment and knowing lots of girls who will also be participating in delayed recruitment I thought it would be helpful to share some of the dos and don'ts of the process. 

You've probably already heard a lot about the process from girls at your school and since every school does things so differently I am not going to get into details about that but there are definitely some universal tips that will hopefully help to ease your mind during the process! Remember to think of this as something fun and you'll automatically go into rounds with a more positive attitude and likely come out of it with more enjoyment than if you go in too nervous of the outcome! Stay calm and think of all the new girls you'll meet.

Best of luck!
Written by Dorothy from Prep In Your Step

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