Fashion Friday: Spring 2016 Work Wear Wish List

by - Friday, January 29, 2016

Phew we’re almost all dug out but for the first time since Thursday, I had to dig out my real people work clothes. Leggings and XL tshirts were the unofficial official uniform of Snowzilla 2016 but can’t cut it for 9-5. Tragically.
Over the weekend, I did a little online window shopping because let’s face it: I didn’t want to leave my warm and cozy apartment for that long. I’m currently on a shopping hiatus but hey, it never hurts to look, right? Especially when Talbots Spring 2016 collection is crushing it! So many bright colors, so many fun prints! Spring 2016, hurry up!
Spring 2016 Work Wear Wish List |
Are you back to the grind today? I need all the chai today! And maybe a jalapeño bagel…
Also, are you interested in seeing more work style posts? I’m thinking about bringing those posts back to my weekly rotation. What do you think? Or is there another topic you’d like to see more of? I want to hear from you!
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Written by Lauren Anne from DC Girl In Pearls

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