The Monogrammed Dish Towel

by - Friday, May 20, 2016

it's a great day for a sneak peek!! I've mentioned it briefly a few times lately... we are in the process of buying a home and we close on june 1st. we are nearly overwhelmed with the amount of craziness that has passed and the craziness that is still to come, from packing to moving to buying new furniture. did I mention that I have a girls' trip planned in the middle of all this? genius move on my part since it means stephen will be doing lots of moving for us by himself. don't worry, I am definitely pulling my weight with the packing.

I just so happened to receive the cutest monogrammed dish towels from marleylilly and just had to show them off in my new kitchen, even though we haven't officially moved in! hehehe... sneaky, right. for any etiquette sticklers out there, I know, I know... rules dictate not to use your married monogram until you are married. but I just couldn't bear to order these pretty towels without my new monogram. I'll take my chances :)

how perfect are these towels in the kitchen? the black cabinets and the black font go beautifully. not only are they awesome in the kitchen, we have a small bathroom off the kitchen which is another perfect place for a monogrammed guest towel. I can't wait until we move in and I can actually add soap and some pretty flowers.

I couldn't help but go with black and white, but for you color lovers out there - marleylilly offers this towel in 12 colors and over 30 different monogram thread colors. so many ways to personalize and have fun with this as a housewarming gift, graduation gift, shower gift, the opportunities are endless! not to mention, this makes the perfect add-on as the price is right for just under $15. be sure to check out for these monogrammed dish towels and much more!
Written by Lauren from laurensparkle

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