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Curious as to what one of the least visible dresses you wear to an event is? Your graduation dress. Has that stopped me from trying to find the *perfect* dress for the event? Nope, not one bit. I have to take a second to laugh at myself for this one considering I have been on the hunt for the perfect graduation dress that will ultimately be covered up by a boring black gown during my actual graduation. Fortunately most girls I've talked to feel the same way so I am not the only one feeling slightly ridiculous searching desperately for a dress. 

I am also not the only one who has been a little bit disappointed by the options offered. I just have not  been super impressed by what I've found online. Ironically though I now have two options of dresses I may wear. The first is the one shown below that I also wore to my sorority formal. Had I not worn it to that event then this would definitely be the front runner. I love both choices so it will probably be a game time decision as to which I choose. One recommendation I have when it comes to picking a graduation dress is to choose something pretty classic. I love a fun and unexpected twist on a dress so that would be the perfect way to make it your own but sticking to something timeless just makes sense to me when it comes to a graduation dress. I'm definitely aiming to not look back at pictures and regret my outfit choice which I am sure many people would agree with. 


dress (c/o) // watch (c/o) // bracelets ( 1 & 2 ) // shoes 

At the high school I went to, the girls were required to wear white dresses since our caps and gowns were white. That made finding a dress slightly easier since it had to fit that particular color scheme. Having already worn white for my high school graduation I decided that I definitely wanted to wear a color to my college graduation despite having found so many cute white dresses that would be perfect for the occasion (sometimes you'd think I like creating challenges for myself). After doing lots of research (aka online shopping) I have come across a number of dresses that would be great for graduation for any of you who may also be struggling when it comes to picking out a dress to complement your graduation cap. 
You can shop these dresses by clicking the links below that are organized by row from left to right. 
row one (white): dress one // dress two // dress three // dress four
row two (colors): dress one // dress two // dress three // dress four
row three (white): dress one // dress two // dress three // dress four
row four (colors): dress one // dress two // dress three // dress four
row five (colors): dress one // dress two // dress three // dress four

Here are three other colorful dresses I found and love for the occasion: one // two // three

When it came to graduation shoes I knew that no matter what dress I wore that I wanted to wear wedges. Furman hosts graduation outside (as long as the weather cooperates) and we walk down the mall prior to entering into the stadium to receive our diplomas and watch the ceremony. Due to this walking and being on the grass I figured wedges would be more comfortable and wouldn't get stuck in the field (trying to avoid tripping or making a fool of myself over here!). I was between this pair and this pair and ended up picking this pair! Here are some other nude wedges that would be great for the occasion: 

row one: shoe 1 // shoe 2 // shoe 3
row two: shoe 1 // shoe 2 // shoe 3
row three: shoe 1 // shoe 2 // shoe 3 

Be sure to check back tomorrow if you're looking for some graduation gift ideas! 

Written by Dorothy from Prep In Your Step

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