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Classes are now in full swing which means that getting up in the morning will be getting a bit more difficult than during the summer. My earliest class is at 9 which isn't horrible, but I've still been looking to find ways to wake up a little happier and more energized. Check out some of my favorite ways below that I've been implementing! 

+ Prepare For the Morning the Night Before 
Check the weather for the next day and set out your outfit to avoid running late in the morning. I also always pack my backpack and have my water bottle ready so I can minimize any stress when I wake up. 

Wake Up Earlier
I know this is the last thing you want to hear, but waking up earlier will give you more time to get ready for your day. You will feel less rushed and can enjoy your morning routine rather than dread it. I also just feel so productive and happy after I get over the initial drowsiness!

Inspire Yourself 
Keep a motivational quote by your bed or as your screensaver on your phone so you wake up with a little inspo. I also love going on Pinterest (specifically my quotes board) when I wake up to get myself pumped up for the day ahead. 

+ Stretch 
Nothing feels better than a nice long stretch, so start your day by doing just that. Sometimes I do this in bed to feel more awake as I get out of bed, or if I'm more energized I'll jump out of bed and do some quick stretches as if I'm going for a run. 

Limit Your Social Media Usage 
I'll be honest, lately, social media has really been stressing me out. Whether it's the new algorithm messing with likes or seeing posts waaay out of order, it's a lot to worry about (especially when you have 3 accounts to manage!). So, I've been waiting a little later in the day to check everything to assure that I start my day off a little more stress free. 

Play Some Music 
Every day last semester I would blast my favorite country music while I was getting ready to hype me up for the day, and I think I'll continue that this year too! Any upbeat songs will do, so make a playlist that you love and play it as you're getting ready for the day - it will instantly boost your mood. 

Do you have any things you do in the morning to boost your mood?
Written by Caroline from Citrus and Style

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  6. Music is a must for me. Great tips!

    Anika xo |

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