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Marley Lilly Campus Reps Across the Nation

Can we start this post by saying how much we LOVE our Campus Reps?

They have seriously been ah-mazing!  We had no idea what to expect when we started this program at the end of last year!  We seriously thought we would be lucky if we had 25 applicants.  At the end of the first weekend, we had over 50 application e-mails in our inbox.  When we finally stopped taking applications sometime in December, we rounded out the program with 129 lovely reps from all across the nation.

Anyways, back to the program…  

When Kelly first brought us the idea to have a campus affiliate program, it was the beginning of November, we had a manageable order queue and were looking to get the word out about Marley Lilly before Black Friday and Christmas orders starting pouring in (literally).  Like most of her good ideas - the campus rep program was thought up during another sleepless night with her then newborn. 

Within 24 hours of coming up with the Campus Affiliate program, we had a promotional flyer, ordered what we thought would be more than enough hair ties and wrote a blog post that we were excited to share with the world.

When we finalized the numbers, we were shocked, slightly overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done and quite honestly - didn't know where to start!  

Can we just say that we definitely appreciated your patience as we worked through the growing pains of this program?!  Due to the overwhelming response, it did take us a lot longer to send out all of the goodies but we are proud to say that all 129 packages have officially been mailed!  It may have taken us a few months - but hey, we did have a LOT of hair ties to tie (17,500+ to be exact)

Without further ado, here are the stats on the Campus Rep Program:

129 Campus Representatives
28 States
25 Organizations
90 Campuses
17,874 Women

Largest Chapter: ZTA at Arkansas (381), Campus Rep: Kaci Sturgeon
Smallest Chapter: KD at Longwood (52), Campus Rep: Elizabeth Nelson

Since we know that everyone loves a good competition, here's how the organization stacked up.  (Did we mention how proud we were that we had SEVENTEEN Kappa Delta reps? #AOT!)

Kappa Delta - 17

Chi Omega - 9

Phi Mu - 8
Zeta Tau Alpha - 8

Alpha Chi Omega - 7 
Delta Zeta - 7
Kappa Kappa Gamma - 7

Alpha Omicron Pi - 6
Delta Delta Delta - 6
Delta Gamma - 6

Alpha Delta Pi - 5
Alpha Phi - 5
Sigma Kappa - 5

Alpha Gamma Delta - 4
Alpha Chi Delta - 4
Pi Beta Phi - 4

Pi Sigma Sigma - 3

Alpha Sigma Alpha - 2
Alpha Sigma Tau - 2
Sigma Sigma Sigma - 2

Delta Pi Epsilon - 1
Gamma Phi Beta - 1
Omicron Pi Alpha - 1
Sigma Pi Lambda - 1
Tau Pi Alpha - 1

We'd also like to give a BIG shout out to our #1 Campus Rep - Jullian Farrington!  She had SEVENTEEN orders placed with her name written in the "Where did you hear about us?" location when her chapter members, friends and family placed orders on our website!  So...

SHOUT OUT to the Chi Omega chapter at NC State University!

So, You Love Marley Lilly and want to share Marley Lilly with your organization on campus?  Be sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to hear about any new campus rep programs we will be offering in the future.  

We can't wait to continue working with our lovely reps and see where the fall semester takes us!

Until then...

Peace, Love & Monograms,
Marley Lilly Staff

PS - Can you believe that we tied over 17,000 hair ties?  We must seriously love our jobs.

Written by Holly

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  1. I love being a campus rep for such a fantastic business! AOT!


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