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by - Monday, September 02, 2013

As we get older, we start to use our email addresses more and more to send important emails to important people. Whether we need to send an email for an internship opportunity or just to connect with important people, we have to make sure the email comes off as classy and professional. I have had to send hundreds of emails like this, so I sort of have the emails down to a science.

Below is an example of the type of email I would send. It involves a fake person and a fake topic, but it will help you get the gist of what you need to know. I have broken down the email into six different parts to further explain.

{one} subject
Include a subject. This will give the person receiving the email a little background information so they can figure out whether or not they want to open the email. Keep the subject short and to the point.

{two} greeting
Make sure to use the name of the person you are emailing. Avoid greetings like "Hello!" or "Hi there!" because they aren't very personable. If you use the person's name, they will realize that you took the time to find their name.

{three} introduction
Introduce yourself in the beginning of the email. The person will have no idea who you are if you don't introduce yourself, and they will most likely delete the email before they finish reading it. Say a little bit about yourself, but make sure it's relevant to the topic of the email. For example, in the fake email above, I told the woman who was a social media guru that I handle social media for brands. If the person realizes that you two have something in common, they will want to keep reading.

{four} compliment
Compliment the person you are reading. Don't make the email only about compliments, but make sure to tell them something you liked about them. For example, I told Linda I loved her article in the Huffington Post. Do something similar.

{five} ending
It's always nice to say something like "I'm looking forward to hearing back from you!" or "I'm excited to connect with you!" because it lets the person know you would really like them to respond. It also lets them know that you're wrapping up the email because you can't go right from saying something to signing your name.

{six} signature
Always sign the email and make sure to use your last name. A signature can be as simple as your name, or it can be more complex, such as using a signature from WiseStamp.

{important things to keep in mind}
Reread the email before sending to make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes. // Keep the email short and to the point because a long email will make the person want to stop reading it. // Double check to make sure the email address is correct. // Avoid using too many exclamation points to come off as professional. // Make the email exciting so the person will want to keep reading it.

I hope this was helpful to at least some of you! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

How do you send a classy and professional email?
Written by Ashley from Private School Prepster

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