WE WANT YOU: Becoming a Monogrammed Life Blogger

by - Monday, December 30, 2013

Do you currently write a Lifestyle or Fashion Blog?  We want YOU to become a member of our Guest Blogger program here on, The Monogrammed Life!  You can meet all of the lovely ladies who currently write for our blog here.  While you are at it, you should definitely check out their blogs and follow along as well!

We created the guest blogger program to be mutually beneficial!  We want to help you promote your blog through Marley Lilly social networking resources which in turn help us with article submission and reviewing our products!  While we do have two full time Marketing employees who write articles for the blog, they do not have enough time to properly prepare and execute blog posts on a daily basis! 

This is where you come in! 
We hope to add 3-5 Guest Bloggers to our program in Janurary!  

We may add more or less depending on the number of applications received!

We are looking for guest writers that would be featured on our blog on a weekly to semi-weekly basis that come from all different parts of the country and have one thing in common,  a love for monograms and all things fabulous! You will be featured in our “Meet the Bloggers” section with a bio, photos and links to your blog.  We always give 100% credit toward your blog which creates backlinks to your own blog from the main Monogrammed Life blog. We anticipate that with the extra exposure we would provide your article with through our channels, you would then gain new followers for your own blog or social media accounts.

We are looking for articles that are interesting, witty, and contain great photographs. We want to talk about life, marriage, college, high school, wedding planning, babies, photography, and your Mom’s pedicure experience last weekend. We also want to vary articles about life topics that our shoppers can relate to with topics about Marley Lilly products. While the blog is called “The Monogrammed Life,” the purpose is not to write about monogrammed products from every company, just one! We are doing this to help create links and information on the web regarding Marley Lilly, so all topics relating to monogrammed products will most likely be something that is linkable to our site and can be purchased from Marley Lilly. We do want to share great deals and fashion tips with our readers for products that are not monogrammed and can be purchased from other companies though! For example, we wrote an article last week on how much we love some of the new Jack Rogers Sandals, they are not a direct competitor and our readers also love their products! 

I know what you are thinking - what's in it for you?

The benefit for you is this: We have a database of over 500,000 customers that receive communication from us with links to our blog and thousands more shoppers and ladies on our website on a daily basis. Your blog and links to your site would be a part of our blog, which is one of the tabs on our website and is frequented by all of these shoppers. We get a lot of requests from people to review our products and post about it on their blog, but instead of just sending the products to everyone that asks, we would prefer to work with a group of people where we can “get something” out of it as well, hence using your brilliant articles (with your name and blog attached of course). We don’t want our own blog to be “just about reviews,” we want it to be about interesting topics like the ones on the blog you write that would appeal to all of our readers. We think most bloggers that we will work with will most likely not write “extra” articles for themonogrammedlife.com, they will just allow us to feature some of their already written articles on the website.  Plus - as a thank you, for every 6 articles (they can be about any topic!) we choose from your blog and reprint with permission from you, we will send a FREE Marley Lilly review product with your initials on it for you to keep and review for our blog.

Are there requirements? YES!

Blogger Qualifications
  • You must  have a customer account at MarleyLilly.com (if you have made a Marley Lilly purchase in the past, you should have an existing account)
  • You must have a minimum of 3,000 followers when combining your blog following, Facebook following, twitter account and Instagram account (page views do not count)
  • You must have a stateside mailing address
Are we flexible if you write an awesome blog? YES!

Don't have 3,000 combined followers?  You are still more than welcome to apply to become one of our guest bloggers!  When we started this program, some of our guest bloggers only had a few hundred followers and have grown substantially since then!

Well…what are you waiting for?? We want YOU to join The Monogrammed Life Family! Just APPLY HERE

Please include the following information in the form:
  • Link to your blog
  • A short bio about you and your blog which will help us get to know what makes you special
  • Links to 1-2 posts which you think would interest our readers
  • A short paragraph explain WHY we should pick you! 
You MUST include all of the information above to be considered for one of our guest blogger positions.
Due to the volume of applications we are receiving, we will not be able to follow up for this information if it is not included in your original message.  Thanks for understanding!

Deadline for Applications: January 10, 2014!
We will do our best to respond to all inquiries by January 31, 2014! 

Written by Marley Lilly Marketing Staff

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