Productive Summer Activities

by - Monday, June 16, 2014

As school is winding down for everyone and summer is starting, it’s important to make the most of your time! Summer (like always) is already flying by! After work or on the weekends, it’s hard to stay motivated and want to get things done! But there are a few small activities that I feel are always on everyone’s to-do list but just never get around to doing.

Now with summer practically here, we finally have time to get some of those things crossed off the list.

Update the music on your phone- I have a note in my iPhone full of songs I have wanted to download and add to my phone for months. New songs just keep coming out and my list just keeps growing and growing.

Organize the files on your computer (pictures, word documents)- I tried really hard when I got my new computer before going off to college to keep my computer organized. But things happen, and you get busy, and you’re rushing to finish something and documents, pictures, power-points get saved out of place. My goal by the end of the summer is to have things I no longer need deleted and everything else put in their place (or folder!).

Go through all of your clothes- When I still lived at home my mom made me go through my closet every month and get rid of things I no longer need or use. Since I’ve been at school for the last 9 months I haven’t had time to go through my clothes. As hard as it is to get rid of certain pieces, ask yourself when was the last time you wore it. And if it’s been over a month, put it in the giveaway pile!Or make a few dollars and take it to a consignment shop!

Clear out the pictures on your phone- One of the most annoying things is to get to notification that you can’t take any more pictures on your iPhone because you don’t have enough space. It always seems to happen at the worse time too! Avoid this problem by deleting the pictures that aren’t needed (I have a screenshot problem) and freeing up some space by transferring your photos over to your computer!

Prepare for the next school year- Before the school year starts I typically try to prepare all my school supplies (make binders, get backpack) and now that I’m in college it takes a lot more planning and preparing! It’s a lot easier to slowly prepare over the summer rather than trying to cram everything into the last few days of summer. If you need an in depth packing list I made a pretty good one, if I do say so myself! ;)

What’s on your summer to-do list?!

Keep in mind,
Written by Shannon from Prep Avenue

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