Travel Tips For Road Trips

by - Wednesday, June 25, 2014

until last week when we drove down to LA,
we hadn't taken a good road trip in a while.
we love planes and how they get us right where we
want to go, but there's something nostalgic and
magic about a good road trip. summer is the season
for them, and since we just took one down the coast
i thought i'd post a few trips for great road trips!
{plus, we leave on another one today for 
memorial it was only fitting!}

1. be flexible.
trust me. i know about wanting to have a schedule and itinerary on a trip, but part of the beauty of a road trip is the flexibility..... so don't take that away! you can have a plan, but make sure to stop at random lookouts, take breaks, and be spontaneous. it's part of the fun of driving yourself. there are fun apps like roadside america for finding unique stops! find hidden gems, stop at lookouts, and take the scenic route. a road trip is not all about the destination, it should be about the journey too!

2. be smart about your start.
especially on summer weekends, it will make a major difference if you get an early head start on the road before other cars. it makes time pass faster because you're up and driving in the early hours while everyone is still asleep! if you can't leave early in the morning, try to leave later at night after rush hour and maybe go halfway. a roadtrip is much more relaxing without lots of traffic at the beginning :)
3. gas up.
 i have never run out of gas {knock on wood} but we have had some tense close calls where you're on empty and there's not another gas station for 30 miles...haha! these are some funny memories of holding our breath until we pull into a gas station, but it's better to just be ahead of the game. fill up midweek before prices go up on weekends, and if you're low and pass a station -- err on the side of caution and fill up.

4. pack snacks.

this is one of the most important ones for me. there is NOTHING worse than being trapped in a car with nothing to eat! then stopping and having gas station hot dogs as your only option. no! go to the store and get favorite snacks, and make or buy some great sandwiches or burritos that you can eat on the road. bring a cooler with veggies, peanut butter, apples, bananas, and water...and some treats to stay awake of course!

5. bring good music.
music can be the best part of a road don't start your trip unprepared. make a mix, find a great pandora station, or choose some podcasts/ books on tape to keep you entertained. if you plan them ahead of time, you'll be glad!

6. stop & stretch.
make sure to get out and stretch/walk around anytime you stop. it's important to circulate your blood and move around so you don't get sore! i've even done some roadside yoga with the sunset before...i recommend it!

7. don't get lost.
roadtrips become less fun when you miss a turn and add hours to your trip. it's fun to take breaks for little side excursions on purpose, but have a map app running so you always know where you are and where you're headed. it will also advise you on traffic and accidents, which is essential in certain cities so you can adjust your route!

8. be comfy.
don't "dress up" for a road trip. you can look cute, but comfy! i almost always wear leggings, a t-shirt, flip flops, and a hoodie so that i am as comfy as possible and can relax. bring sunglasses for driving too!

9. be careful.
when you're on a long drive, it can be easy to look down and realize you're going 95! don't let the open road tempt you -- be careful and follow the rules. it's not worth an accident, road traffic injury, or ticket!

10. go with good company.
road trips with other people are not only less expensive, they are more fun. you can chat, sing, play games, and switch drivers. plan your roadtrip with others so you stay safe, cost-effective, and entertained. this weekend we have the best company, our favorite friends. i'm sure the drive will go so fast because of this!
hope these help!
tell me where you want
to take your next roadtrip to!
Written by Emi from The Well-Traveled Wife

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