DIY Donut Cork Coasters

by - Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY Donut Cork Coasters |
By now, I think it’s safe to say you all know I have a bit of an obsession with donuts (Exhibit ABC).
It’s not my fault though. I swear. Psychology is all to blame!!!
The colorful glaze + sprinkles just scream “PARTY!” and I can’t help but grin like I’m looney tunes whenever I see a donut. Any photo of a donut on Instagram is a guaranteed like from this gal. It’s like Pavlov’s dogs but with less puppies and more sugary bites of fried dough heaven.
But with swimsuit season fast approaching, I’ve begrudgingly been more cognizant of what I’m eating and trying to load up on veggies + fruits instead of sugar. So I had to get my sweet, sweet donut fix elsewhere…
What if I told you the donuts above are calorie-free?! ;)
I know, I know. Such a tease.
GAH I wish!!
You know what would go great with that cold glass of milk? A donut. Just sayin’…
And now I really want a donut. Note to self: Cork coasters are not edible, cork coasters are not edible.
DIY Donut Cork Coasters |
You know I can’t resist a good DIY so pick up a set of cork coasters, some paint brushes and acrylic paints + let’s get to work on these DIY donut cork coasters!!
DIY Donut Cork Coasters |
DIY Donut Cork Coasters |
DIY Donut Cork Coasters |
DIY Donut Cork Coasters |
DIY Donut Cork Coasters |


Set of cork coasters
Foam brush
Kids’ paint brushes
Acrylic paint


1. Using a foam brush, paint each coaster with a base layer. I used 2 thin coats to cover the coaster + let them sit to dry for 2 hours.
2. With a small kid’s paint brush, go wild + paint as many sprinkles as you want! Let coasters dry for 2 hours.
Other ideas: Add a magnet to the back of each coaster to create a fun kitchen magnet or attach the donuts to the wall with Command strips for a colorful addition to a gallery wall!

Written by Lauren of DC Girl In Pearls

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