Get Sandal Ready at Home

by - Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I am SO ready for sandal season.
How ready you ask? So ready that I’ve been wearing an old pair of Jacks around the house because right now, my boots, wellies + I need to take a break. See other shoes, you know, the usual. I’ve been feeling a bit claustrophobic lately when it comes to my winter shoes.
But before I officially bust out my sandals, I could really use a pedicure.
At Home Pedicure Tips - DC Girl in Pearls
I was lucky with my old apartment because it had a bath where I could hang out and soak my feet but my current apartment only has a shower. An easy + crazy cheap remedy: get a small plastic tub from Target! I have this white dishpan that I snagged at Target for $2!! This is not a fire drill!! Soak your feet in warm water or you could also add Johnson’s Foot Soap. I’ve used this soap for years and I swear it’s magic. As someone who abuses the heck out of their feet, I swear by Johnson’s Foot Soap. It might just be my #1 beauty secret.
Exfoliate + Scrub 
Once your little piggies (I couldn’t bring myself to type out feet or toes one more time) are done soaking, it’s time to get exfoliating! Tweezerman is my favorite brand for (duh) tweezers but did you know they also make a mean foot file? Telling you, this foot file will help smooth out those rough patches. I always get dry patches on my heels, guaranteed. To battle this monster, I first use my foot file as a means of attack and then to really claim total victory, St. Ives Apricot Scrub is the best. I really cannot remember not having a jar of apricot scrub handy, it’ll make your skin glow and look like a million bucks. If we wanted to keep score, St. Ives Apricot Scrub is my #2 beauty secret.
Right now I’m still working on my jar of Trader Joe’s coconut body butter. I love that it’s non-greasy and I feel like the jar has lasted me forever, it might be the Mary Poppins bag of body butters. But I’ll be honest, I’m more partial to Yes To Carrots Body Butter. I’ve been a fan of their body butter since high school (that’ll be since 2007) because it dries quickly, totally enriches dry skin and has a scent I could only describe as clean. I detracted points from Trader Joe’s body butter because its coconut aroma is rather strong and makes me smell like a piña colada. Which isn’t the worst thing at times but for 9-5, it can be a bit much. You might laugh at the name “Yes To Carrots” but trust me, this stuff really works! My college roomie used to tease me about my love for Yes To Carrots until she tried the body butter. And then we had to buy separate containers because neither of us was all that great at you know, sharing the body butter.
Finally, the most fun step: nail polish!! In the spring + summer, I love to change up and play with a variety of bright hues for my nails. But when it comes to pedicures, I’m solidly on Team Pink. Very, very rarely I’ll switch to a red color but for the most part, my pedicure colors are: OPI’s La Paz-Itively Hot + You’re Such a Kabuki Queen (pictured above) and Essie Mob Square. 

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