Easter Basket Ideas

by - Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter is next weekend and that means that I will be home bound next week, which is always a cause for celebration! Furman gets Good Friday and the following Monday off which is pretty generous so I will be heading home Thursday (if not a bit earlier). My family is heading to our beach house for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so this will also give me an extra night of sleep in my own bed before boating and beaching. I am extra excited because it looks like my grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousin will also be there making Easter a true family affair. 

As for Easter, it usually depends on where we are as to how the morning goes. I admittedly still like it when a few Easter eggs are hidden even though the youngest person there will be 17. Regardless, we still do Easter baskets which is always something to look forward to. And since that Easter egg comment made me sound like a child you should all be pleased to know that I've used the same Easter basket every year since I was little, I guess you could say I like tradition. Easter baskets can be tricky since once you get older the smaller trinkets and goodies you received would be put somewhere and forgotten about. I honestly enjoy receiving candy as much as anything else but I do remember a few years when I got a bigger item for Easter which was more unexpected. One year in high school I got a pair of Lilly shorts I had been wanting and last year I considered my trip to the Biltmore and Asheville (part of a Christmas present from my grandmother) to be an Easter gift. Both were so memorable so if you're completely stumped something unexpected is always fun. Below I have included loads of cute and fun gifts that any girl would love to receive at a variety of price points and all of these would probably arrive in time to be placed in an Easter basket!

While some of these would definitely leave the recipient speechless I think that as long as the gift is something that can be used and is preferably colorful since it is in fact spring then you can't go wrong!

Personally I would love to continue to grow my Evelyn Henson print obsession by adding the "Be an Adventurer" illustration to my collection (hint, hint mom and dad). I also adore those fun sleep shorts and you really can't go wrong with something monogrammed. In the spring and summer I always wear sleep shorts to bed so this would also be super practical. Also, fun fact, my little's mom owns that monogramming store, The Horseshoe Crab, and sells the cutest monogrammed goodies that would be perfect for presents or to keep for yourself. And she has a super fast turn around time if you're in a pinch!

What are your plans for Easter? Did any of these items just make it to your spring wish list?

Written by Dorothy of Prep In Your Step

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