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by - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Recently I've been inspired to really revamp by beauty routine. Growing up, there wasn't much of a routine at all. I spent many years of my youth in a swimming pool, and typically wore very little makeup to school. I rinsed my face with water at night, and washed with soap when I showered. At the time, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of taking care of my skin.

Once my pool days were over, things didn't get any better. In college, I went from wearing very little makeup to wearing more than I probably should. I removed the makeup with a simple wipe, and usually only washed my face in the shower. Fail! There were many times that I would go to sleep with my makeup on. Double fail! All the while, still not realizing how terrible I was treating my skin.

Now, three years post college, I have finally realized that the years of neglect will soon catch up with me. So I'm doing MAJOR damage control... and I mean, major! So because of that, I've completely switched up my beauty routine in order to have a healthier, fresher face!

To help make up for lost time, I started really cleansing my face and moisturizing. While soap and water can do the trick, I've started using a cleansing system to help really scrub my face. Sometimes your own hands or a rag won't get the job done properly.

So I started using the Spin for Perfect Skin system. It's awesome y'all! It comes with four exchangeable attachments. One you can use daily as a cleanser for your face and another that works when exfoliating. The system also comes with two other attachments; one for a full body scrub and another that works for your feet and heels.

I like this system best for two reasons. One, it comes in purple (my favorite color) and two, it actually works. I've used the brand name machines, but they just don't seem to work well. Probably because they're cheap. Or if they do work, they only last for a month or two. The Spin for Perfect Skin system is durable and really great quality. While it may be more expensive then the major name brand systems, it's well worth the investment over time.

After a few days using this machine, my skin felt a million times better. And after just ONE use, I immediately felt and noticed a difference. My skin simply felt clean. For my face, I used soap and water, and the cleansing head to really scrub my face.

After the wash, I used Jergens Natural Glow tented moisturizing face cream. I use this cream at night so I'll wake up with a nice tan! And then I use Neutrogena's moisturizing face cream in the mornings after I shower. Both work well together, and really are helping to tackle the years of damage I did to my skin.

Speaking of damage... two of my favorite "fixer products" are Aquaphor and m-61 Hydraboost for eyes. I use Aquaphor for any scrapes or bad spots on my face. Think of it like the Neosporin for your face. And the Hydraboost is really great for tackling those dark eye circles.

To help even more, I changed the foundation I was using. Instead of the heavy, caked-on mess, I switched about a year ago to the CoverGirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation. While I've recently been contemplating a foundation switch, this CoverGirl option has done wonders to help my skin. It's not as heavy and feels very light on my face. With that though, it doesn't give the best coverage as far as hiding blemishes, etc. So I'd suggest a concealer as well.

By making these initial changes, I'm already well on my way to improving the quality of my skin and face. I know by staying consistent, my skin will be extremely healthy. I also highly recommend the Spin for Perfect Skin!! Do you use something similar? If not, get one for yourself. All Primp & Proper readers can snag one for 70% off!! Use code KRSPIN at checkout. So instead of the $100 price tag, you can get a Spin for Perfect Skin system for less than $30!!! How awesome is that?! You too can have healthy, glowing skin!!

Written by Kristyn of Primp & Proper

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