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by - Monday, July 27, 2015

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With freshman year of college on the horizon, I’m repeatedly warned about the dreaded Freshman 15. Confused? It’s a nickname for the supposed weight gain many freshman girls experience. With so many unhealthy food options at the dining halls and bad decisions like late night pizza orders, I’d imagine it can definitely be hard to stay on track. Although preventing the onslaught of the Freshman 15 has to do a lot with self-control and motivation to go to the gym (please someone – send me daily reminders that I need to go work out!), there is hope in the form of Nourish Snacks, an awesome new concept by Joy Bauer.
Let me back up: I’m a huge fan of snacking. Ask anyone who knows me IRL and they can tell you that if snacking was a competitive sport, I would be a champion (cheesy but true). In between meals, I often need something to tide me over – and although I’d love to say I’m the type of person who naturally reaches for an apple or a peach, I’m just not. As a result, I know I’ll be needing some sweet and salty picks in my dorm at all times.
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There’s obviously going to be a lot of snack options on campus, but I have a feeling that they won’t be particularly healthy. Thus, Nourish Snacks is going to be a constant in my dorm so I can eat something that is simultaneously delicious and healthy.
Besides the amazing taste, I also particularly love the way the snacks are packaged. Each bag is under 200 calories so you don’t have to feel guilty about eating the whole thing – this is seriously portion control at it’s absolute best! I could see myself throwing one of these in my bag at the beginning of the day and snacking on it as I hop from classes to different events. 200 calories or less for the whole entire day is a great way to stay a smart snacker. The snacks vary in exact amounts, but all have a decent amount of fiber and protein which is such an added bonus.
Nourish Snacks also has a bunch of Snack Collections on their website – and you could have it shipped straight to your dorm! Not only is this good for you (hello healthy and delicious food!) but it could also get you some new friends in the process. As the saying goes…
So order a pack and try it out with your hall-mates, etc. – if they like it too (which I guarantee they will!) you can all better motivate each other to stay on track in the snacking realm. In this aspect, Nourish Snacks is like a lifestyle path that makes so much sense.
SHOP NOURISH: As I said, the Nourish Website has tons of different collections. Starbucks does sell Nourish now which is a very accessible way to pick up the product, but  for college students that have difficulty with spending, ordering in bulk will save you a ton of money. Here are my favorite collection options:
College Collection // Designed with a college student in mind – how perfect?! Great for anyone who needs grab and go food (in addition to all the reasons above!).
Energize Collection // This particular collection is filled with the Nourish Snacks that specialize in a decent portion of protein – so great and necessary as a college student.
Crunch Collection // I’m a sweet and salty kinda gal, but I know some like to forego the sweet and dive deep into the salt – so this collection is perfect for those people!
Sampler Collection // Still not completely sold? This collection provides 20 different packs so you can try out a whole slew of Nourish Snacks – see what you like, and then go back and order more!
Collections are $36 for 20 packs ($1.80 a pack!) or $84.95 for 50 packs ($1.70 a pack!). 
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I’ve been slowly but surely trying all the different flavors and let me tell you, they are all amazing. My favorites are Miss Popular, Ps & BBQs, and Coco’nilla Crunch – I can’t get enough!
Still on my list to try are…. Nutty ‘Nanas, King Korn, Almond Aloha, Menage-a-mix, Honey Bee Good, Cinn-sational, Hot & Popular, Sweet & Salty Kapow, Cocoa Loco, Chili’n in the Corn’r, and Cowboy Crunch. Perhaps a tasting video is in order for when I can track down these different flavors? What do you think?
Written by Jamie from The Fashion Newcomer 
*snacks courtesy of Nourish Snacks, although I have purchased my own in the past. I am a loyal fan of this brand and do not advertise anything on The Fashion Newcomer that I do not fully back and believe in. Thank you for supporting the brands that help sustain and further The Fashion Newcomer!

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