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I'm not usually one to invest in expensive sunglasses. I have this pair of Ray Bans that I absolutely love, but now that I have this one pair of very versatile and great quality sunglasses, I really don't need to be spending a lot of money on other pairs of a similar, or higher, price point. 
I'm all for having multiple colors and styles, but I don't see the need for them all to cost what I could get a dress (or several), or a great quality bag, or a nice pair of shoes (or 2) for, while there are similar and much cheaper options out there. I just think if I want something fun like mirrored lenses or clear frames, or whatever else that has been trendy lately, I'm going to look for pairs on the cheaper side. Mostly because I know I could only wear them with certain outfits and probably won't be wearing them for years to come. 
However I think you need at least 1 pair of investment sunglasses, because cheap ones break, a lot. I used to only have 1 pair at a time and I never paid more than probably $20 per pair, but found myself replacing them all the time. So I may invest in another pair of Ray Bans in a classic style that I could wear for years and I know will last, like some neutral wayfarers or aviators. But, as much as I have been loving the Karen Walker and Illesteva sunglasses everyone is wearing, I really would rather buy a cheap pair for about $150 (or up to $230) less. So here is a Splurge or Save on some of the most popular sunglasses right now!
Splurge or Save: Sunglasses

Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglassesvs. Urban Outfitters Emma Sunglasses
Illesteva Leonard II Round Sunglassesvs. Loft Round Keyhole Sunglasses
Ray Ban Mirrored Matte Classic Aviator Sunglassesvs. Urban Outfitters Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Written by Cara from Caralina Style

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