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I can't tell you how many times we have unplanned guests over to visit. it's not like they stop by uninvited... no, we invite people over casually or last minute or in lieu of going to a bar, and next thing you know - company's coming over in five minutes. along with quickly scrambling to tidy up the apartment, it's also nice to provide some type of food and drink for guests.

as you know, I always have my wine fridge stocked at all times so no fretting there. however, the food situation can be a bit trickier if unplanned. welcoming guests with little to no pre-planning while making them feel as though you actually made an effort means big things [mainly, proof that you are an adult] in my hostess with the mostess book. 

here are three snack options that you can buy all ingredients ahead of time and leave in your fridge or pantry until you're in a pinch. simply scoop out the dips into nice bowls and arrange the chips in a platter, and voila! you are an impromptu hostess with the mostess.

from left
alouette dip and stacy's pita chips
cheese, sausage, crackers (add nuts and honey and you have a charcuterie board)

pimento cheese and pretzels

every time I went over to my best friend's house in high school, her mom would bring out a bowl of alouette. it's definitely nostalgic for me. I've tried other imitation brands since alouette can be a bit pricy [not really, but in comparison] - they are not the same. take it from me and buy the alouette.

depending upon how obsessed you are with cheese, you probably already have a few cheeses in your cheese drawer [this is normal, right?]. slice 'em up along with some sausage and throw some crackers out - bonus points if you have nuts and/or honey. all the sudden, you have a bonafide charcuterie board on the fly.

as for pimento cheese, if you haven't tried it - don't. your waistline will thank me. there was once a time I thought I didn't care for pimento cheese and I realized it just hadn't tried it... now I can never go back. one word: addicting. southern and delicious. palmetto is THE only kind of pimento cheese to buy, by the way. what are you waiting for, y'all come on over!

Written by Lauren from laurensparkle 

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