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DIY Bud Vase | @dcgirlinpearls
Happy Friday!! I’ve been on a bit of a blog break this week while I’m home to spend more time with my family and friends and it’s been exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m breaking my break for a good cause though: Earth Day! This year, Earth Day is celebrated tomorrow on April 22nd and IZZE challenged me to reuse my IZZE bottles in a fun way.
Having flowers around the house is a must for me. I gladly gave up my Starbucks habit to spend that money on fresh flowers for around my apartment. Because at the end of a work day, I love coming home to seeing bright, happy blooms on my dining table or waking up to the soothing scent of hyacinth. Vases can be pricey so let’s DIY a bud vase with an IZZE bottle!
To me the easiest, prettiest DIY needs only one thing: Metallic gold spray paint.
The gift of the DIY golds. It’s literally liquid gold (I had to) when it comes to sprucing something up. Gold spray paint puts just 24 hours between you and a reinvigorated decor piece that you can reuse. Sometimes that piece is the bottle of IZZE you just finished drinking or poured into a refreshing cocktail.
All you need to turn an empty IZZE bottle into a beautiful bud vase is a can of gold spray paint and a tarp. For the best spray painting, I highly recommend you get a spray tool. It clamps right around the nozzle and helps keep your hand steady as you paint. It’s only $5 and makes spray painting so so flawless.
Once the IZZE bottle is empty, remove the labels. The labels came off very easily for me but if need be, use Goo-B-Gone to get rid of the sticky label. Once the bottle is clean and rinsed, it’s time to get painting. Lay down a tarp outside and set the bottle down right-side up. Using the spray tool, apply an even layer of paint to the bottle and apply another layer about an hour later. Let dry for 24 hours.
Voila! A beautiful bud vase to keep your home brimming with bright blooms all throughout spring. And the best part is being able to give your IZZE bottle a second life!
Celebrate Earth Day and DIY a bud vase with IZZE : )
IZZE DIY | @dcgirlinpearls
IZZE DIY Vase | @dcgirlinpearlsDIY Flower Vase | @dcgirlinpearls
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Written by Lauren from DC Girl In Pearls

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  1. I need to drink those Izze's more! You just have now convinced me to do so. Hope you have a lovely week!

    Much love,
    Ashley from Dear Ash


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