by - Wednesday, April 05, 2017

we've made a lot of progress in our home since we moved in last june, but I haven't quite gotten to some of the little details yet - like these sweet hangers for our guest room {and built-in wine storage, laundry room upgrade, painting the master... but hey, who's counting?!}. I have always wanted to make these hangers, since I saw them on driven by decor via pinterest, I think. luckily, we have company staying with us this weekend and I'm happy to have had a reason to finally make these  adorable hangers!

my biggest learning from this project was how awesome rub-on letters are. I hadn't heard of them before and couldn't find them at michael's - so I was tempted to buy letter stickers. I made another stop at hobby lobby and finally found a very slim selection of rub-on letters. there were only 3 sheets left, so I bought them all and am so glad I did. these rub-on letters go on so smoothly, they look as if they were printed on the wood. I'll be honest, rubbing the letters on the wood was a cathartic experience and I basically want to rub letters on everything now.

a word to the wise - just be careful when rubbing the letters off, be gentle. I didn't have too many issues, but when I googled rub-on letters - I read a hilarious comment that said something like, "one wrong move and you end up with shabby chic." this is kind of true, once a letter gets ripped during the rub, it's game over. they scratch right off the hangers though, so it's not too big of an issue if it does happen.

I am constantly trying to think of ways to improve our guest room, I always think of it as my little single room B&B. in another life, I will for sure own a B&B in wine country or the mountains. do you do anything special in your guest room or have you ever stayed with someone who made you feel like a special guest?

what you need:
rub-on letters (not stickers)
ribbon to tie on hook, optional

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