FASHION FRIDAY: Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties

by - Friday, September 08, 2017

Happy #fashionwednesday, pretty people! I am packing and getting ready for NYFW next week and cannot wait. While I am SUPER stoked to get to New York, however, I hate flying so I am NOT looking forward to that aspect. Fingers crossed everything goes well! Today, I am sharing a shoot that Erin (my awesome photographer) did last week. We found a cute little rooftop bar during the golden hour and took advantage of the beautiful lighting. Check out one of my favorite transition outfits for fall!

Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties

Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties
Fall is the perfect time for you to break out of your usual style and try new trends. The peplum came into style a few seasons ago, but has continued to be one of the go-to looks for 2017. I love that this top isn’t extreme: the peplum is slight, and doesn’t call much attention to itself. It allows the boyfriend jeans and cute booties (making their first appearance of the season) to really shine.
Choosing your top:
I am not a fan of extreme peplums, but slight peplums like this are very easily pulled off by numerous body types. It calls attention to a small waist, the light color means that it can be paired with many different types of bottoms. I am obsessed with the high neck look of this top as well. It’s SO flattering: you can wear SO many types of necklaces: long chain necklaces (pictured), large clunky statement necklaces, and even daintly little necklaces look pretty when paired with this top.
Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties
Choosing your bottoms:
I chose boyfriend jeans with this outfit because I love boyfriend jeans. They’re my go-to jeans, especially in the fall and summer. The light wash was chosen because I didn’t want to compete with the light top, and because it is still warm out so I didn’t feel a dark wash would fit the season just yet. When it gets to the end of September and October, high waisted dark wash jeans will look fabulous, especially when paired with some tall leather boots. 
Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties
Choosing your shoes:
NOW is the time to break out your adorable booties. I have been waiting ALL year long to wear my booties again — they are my favorite type of shoes. I chose a light neutral pair, going with the theme of the outfit. You could also wear a pair of maroon booties (SO cute), or a pair of tall leather boots. If you want to dress it up, black strappy sandals are the perfect addition to this outfit. 
Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties
Choosing your accessories: 
I went with simple and unassuming: a long silver chain with an aqua pendant. It went with the grey peplum top, and was just large enough to be seen and noticed, but not so much that it took away from the outfit. I often wear a pink + gold statement necklace and a brown floppy hat. Another option is wear a fuzzy vest as an accessory — I love fuzzy vests and they can bring that sense of “fall” to your outfit.
Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties
Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties

I love this outfit and it is SO easy to style. I love breaking out my autumn clothing. Long sleeves, fuzzy jackets, blanket scarves, booties…I cannot even contain my excitement. Summer is fun..but fall is where it’s at. It’s my ALL TIME favorite season. 
Fall Outfit Transition: Peplum Top + Booties
Do you like this outfit?? What is your favorite time of year? Let me know in the comments below!!

Written by Taylor for Blonde and Ambitious

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