App Review: "A Design Kit"

by - Friday, February 23, 2018

So, for those of you who don’t know me (which is all of you), I am not a very skilled user of social media! I know, it’s so easy now, and there are a million ways to up your Instagram game, but I’ve just never had the time to delve into the app editing world and figure out how to get my aesthetic just exactly right. That is, until now!

The app I am reviewing today is called "A Design Kit", and it is created by the incredible "A Beautiful Mess" masterminds. I LOVE this app. I just do. It has so much to offer, and it’s just so darn easy to use. You really could just download it and figure it out on your own, but what’s the fun in that? Also, even though I’m a newbie, it’s been my job over the last week to research this very app and figure out some tricks and tips for you. So read on, and you just might get inspired! 

Quick Facts
Price: $1.99
Creators: A Beautiful Mess
Developers: A Color Story
Categories: Social Media, Text, Brushes & Design/Stickers


The pre-set cropping that "A Design Kit creates for you really takes the guesswork out of your social media posts! It’s always so disappointing when you go to post a picture and the Instagram crop ruins the feel of the photo! In the app, there are settings for an average Instagram post, a story rectangle, and a few more just for funsies. This is especially helpful when you are adding text to a photo! The app also gives you the option to tilt an awkwardly skewed photo that you thought was going to be artsy, but just turned out weird. In the walkthrough below, I walk you through the process of cropping a typical Instagram square plus added text!


After you have selected a size for either a story post or a permanent post, you have the option to add graphics in multiple forms to the photo (woohoo)! We will start with the text component of the app. An easy slide up menu gives you a better view of your font options, and let me tell you, they are varied and wonderful! Serif, sans serif, typewriter, and anything else you could want. My one complaint? You have to purchase cursive fonts because absolutely none are available to you with just the app purchase. Bummer, but they have to make a living. 


What I love about the brush element of this app is the fact that you’re not stuck with the original color or size once it’s drawn. You can change the fill and the size at any time with just your fingers! I would recommend getting a stylus pen to make writing a little easier on the small phone screen. The app's intent is for casual users to add graphics to images without an Adobe Creative Suite account, and it serves its purpose really well! "A Design Kit" is, however, is lacking some of the fine-tuning of Adobe Illustrator, obviously. The brushes can mimic a marker, pencil, thick paintbrush, and a few others that create really fun textures! You can choose from metallics, vibrant color gradients, and even marble patterns when deciding what your fill will be! 

***Also, just a little side note, if you choose a high contrast background, you can use the color picker aspect of the app to find the right fill for the text to make it pop! This also gives your edit a fun, trendy vibe (example on the Inspo Page). This is why they pay me the big bucks, people.

Another feature of "A Design Kit" is the pre-made design that is available as additions to your photo! They include geometrical shapes, brushstroke patterns, and so many other cute graphics, and are pictured above! They can be placed behind text or other objects to give a neat background pattern. There are also a million stickers included with the app that can jazz up any dull photo. They’re also guaranteed to perk up your aesthetic quicker than you can say “popsicle!” Coincidentally, there is also a sticker of a popsicle. 


Alright, I have taught you all I know, so go forth and create! I bet someone famous said that at some point. Anyway, feel free to gain inspiration from any of my designs! Also, follow @adesignkit on Instagram because they are the masters, seriously! Also, they just got App of the Week, so good job, ladies! Thanks so much for reading!


-Intern Sarah 

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