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One of those posts you can send your significant other and they can take the hint (;
  1.  This robe from TBBC is so beautiful, and I bet the softest thing around.  Would make a great gift for an expecting momma.  It’s pima cotton, with silk lining, so it’d feel pretty great on!
  2. sleep mask.  steph brought me this, and I’ve been loving sleeping with it.  Plus it’s so breakfast at tiffany’s and it’s good for your skin!  I already use a silk pillowcase.
  3. farm girl flowers.  not sponsored in any way but these are the most beautiful florals you could ever give or receive.  I have my husband sending these to clients left and right, and heyyyyy don’t forget about me (:
  4. these steve madden tennis shoes.  I finally pulled the trigger on them with a gift card I had been hoarding.  love them for running errands or walks.
  5. this purse from st. armands designs is coming with me to st. lucia.
  6. shannons valentine card has been on the etsy homepage for a couple weeks, and I’m so proud.   The beautiful floral heart would make a great valentine card.
  7. this romper set by michael stars I wouldn’t buy myself because it’s pricey, but I would love it as a gift.
  8. I recently sent some hydrangea bushes (to britt after her surgery), and her sweet mom had them all around the house when she got back from surgery.  It’s a great gift for someone who likes to play florist (i.e. me).
  9. This GIllian O Malley target bra.  I now have it in three colors.  Feels so good on, looks cute, and it’s $15.
  10. A lulie wallace tea or fruit water infuser from anthro.  Heather gave this to me, and I looove it.  I’m a tea drinker, and always splash my water with lime or citrus – so it’s perfect.  Plus anything Lulie Wallace is beautiful.
  11. this anthropologie skirt is darling.  If we were going out on Valentine’s Day, I’d love to wear this!
  12. My new suede shoes (: from target.  I can’t stop wearing these.  they are so comfortable!
  13. Don’t forget your momma on Valentine’s Day!  Such a sweet card from paper source.
Hoping to come up with a mens idea gift list and little kids this coming week!
Written by Sarah Tucker from Sarah Tucker, Life and Style
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