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by - Friday, February 16, 2018

Athleisure picks from Kelsey, Marleylilly's Marketing Associate

Working out – it's a love/hate relationship for most of us. But, the cuter the clothes, the more motivated you are to work out, right? At least I like to think so!

Let's be honest, getting to the gym and pushing yourself to the limit can be quite the challenge. One of my main motivations for working out is that rush of endorphins you get right after an intense workout - you feel like a million bucks! Not only do you accomplish something physically, but also mentally! 

Working out is my "me time" – one of the only times I can check out from reality and turn off all the thoughts, worries and to-do's that are running through my mind. I like to work out hard so that all I think about is how much I want it to be over. #NoPainNoGain

My health and fitness goals are so important to me because I find that the more I work out, the better I feel and that tends to carry into my look. I also like to tell myself that cute athleisure clothes are part of the equation to the whole "look good, feel good" concept, so here are my top picks I'm sharing with you:

1. Lululemon - The Align Pant is literally as they describe – buttery soft! I have never put on any pair of leggings like it! The high waistband is a huge plus. They also offer this in a 7/8 pant and crops if you need a trim in length. I'm 5'4" and I personally like the 7/8 pant. Since they are a pretty penny, if you do choose to purchase, make sure you follow care instructions to maximize their wear.

2. Athleta – Athleta is slightly less expensive than Lululemon. I love open back tops and tanks to show off a strappy sports bra and this is one of my faves! Not to mention, I love all of the color options!

3. Marleylilly – Everyone needs a basic jacket to wear to and from the gym and this Monogrammed Yoga Jacket is perfect for that. It's made of a scuba-like material and has thumbholes (which I personally love). These Monogrammed Yoga Mats are also to die for! You can always use a quality yoga mat, so check out all the design options and be the talk of your next yoga class.

marleylilly, monograms, monogrammed jackets

marleylilly, monograms, cute yoga mats

4. Target JoyLab – Target, what's not to love? I recently discovered one of their new athleisure lines called JoyLab and I'm obsessed. You can't beat the prices. I personally own this sweatshirt and it's so soft and breezy!

5. Old Navy – Old Navy is one of my favorite places to purchase leggings from - they're great quality at an affordable price point! They have high waist options and also offer a 7/8 pant as well as crop and full length. This legging is one of my current favorites.

6. Forever 21 – I'm not a fan of actually shopping in-store - all the options are too overwhelming for me. However, they do have a lot of cute open back tanks and strappy sports bras for the best prices! I usually shop online and wait for free shipping and treat myself to a few tops or sports bras. I love this tank for under $10!

That wraps it up for now. Let us know your go-to athleisure brands and products in the comments below! 

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