From Wanderlust to Modern Carpenter

by - Friday, February 09, 2018

Home Design Hacks from Kelley, Marleylilly’s Creative Manager

Whether you move every year like me or are getting your very first place, I think we can all agree that making your space your own is expensive. Before you hand over your wallet and Paypal password to the world, stop and consider your resources. Who needs name brand hardware and decor everywhere? I have learned mixing one fancy element in with random decor keeps it eclectic, interesting and timeless.

Decor Tip #1

STOP before you buy any more curtain rods! What a waste, right? They're not fun like curtains or as attention-grabbing as a statement mirror. Think before you purchase. Use something other than factory rods and work with your natural resources. Your wallet will say “thank you” and nature will benefit #winning.

On your next nature hike, look around for pretty sticks that are thin enough for curtain ties. Or, keep an eye out for bamboo! Bamboo and I have had some rough moments, but if you have a good saw or landscaping scissors, you can have cool rods up in no time!

For wall mounting, I typically use basic curtain brackets that I still have from an old curtain set. If you don't have a set on hand, you can most likely find cheap ones at your local thrift store. I have also used plant hangers. Voila! Cool, right?

Fun fact: I currently use giant vintage oil sticks as my curtain rods, as seen above.

Decor Tip  #2

Headboards can be ridiculously expensive. I have always had my eye on an Anthropologie bed frame, but until I discover a hidden oil reservoir or invent the best tasting greek yogurt, that splurge will have to wait. Once again, if you’re like me and change your place from industrial mill (retrofitted) to classic carpenter style, you have to change out everything to achieve a consistent vibe.

However, don’t throw statement pieces away without considering repurposing! Use an old intricate door or carved cabinet as a headboard. I love wandering around antique stores and flea markets or stalking online resales for the perfect unique piece. They also serve as a wonderful conversation starter.

For a clever headboard concept, use a room divider or screen. It can break up space and be moved at any time. I have found some pretty unique designs, too. Make it your own by hanging a string of lights or adding a fresh coat of paint!

*Left - antique cabinet door I found for $90
*Right - I went with a wooden screen to match my wanderlust room vibe.

So get to it! Happy treasure hunting - let’s see those creative curtain rods and headboards come to life! If you have any DIY tips you’d like to share with us, leave a comment in the section below! 


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