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My beauty routine is constantly in flux. Some people stick to tried and true favorites, while others are always experimenting and on the hunt for the next big thing. I, personally, love trying new cosmetics and spend more time in Ulta than I would ever honestly tell my husband. While I love a good high-end product, I have recently been reaching for almost entirely drugstore beauty products. Yes – you heard that right! I am picking drugstore products over high-end, cutting my beauty spending in half, and loving my makeup looks even more. This transition has me so excited, that I HAD to share these game changing products with y’all.

P.S. Ulta is having a sale on NYX Cosmetics so many of these products are even less expensive!


NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer: This primer was a game changer. I recently began using NARS’ Radiant Longwear Foundation and tried a number of primers with it, but it always became greasy looking by the end of the day. NYX’s Honey Dew Me Up is the PERFECT base for this foundation. It dries down to an ultra-hydrating but almost sticky finish that helps the foundation stay in place all day long. This has quickly become my go-to primer and I would highly recommend it for those of y’all with dry skin.

NYX Wonder Stick in Light/Medium: If you are a contouring newbie, this is the product for you! This dual-ended stick features a contour shade on one end and a highlight shade on the other. I highly recommend the shade Light/Medium as it is the only one that has a true cool-tone shadow color. I use this stick daily to carve out my cheekbones and contour my nose. I simply draw a line from my ear below my cheekbone and down either side of my nose, then buff it out with a small foundation brush. The convenience of the stick makes contouring no fail.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: This bronzer has developed a cult following and I can see why. It is the perfect sunkissed color that glides on so smoothly thanks to being packed with murumuru butter, essential fatty acids, and pro vitamins. These ingredients make it wear more like a liquid than a powder which feels amazing on the skin. I had been wearing Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer and always reach for my Butter Bronzer over it!

NYX Love You So Mochi Lit Life Highlight Palette: This palette is the perfect way to find your go-to highlight shade without breaking the bank. The formulation feels more like a cream to powder and glides on so smoothly. I love that it doesn’t bring out any texture or skin imperfections and the highlights are bright, but gentle enough for every day wear.

NYX HD Finishing Powder: If you are looking for a dupe for Laura Mercier’s translucent powder, this is it! I use this powder to set my under-eye concealer, to set my eyeshadow primer, and then to set my full face. It honestly reduces the appearance of pores and never settles into fine lines. The formulation is seriously so silky and it’s currently on sale for $6.99!

Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist: I find myself time and time again reaching for this product over Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. And thank goodness, because Tatcha is pricey! Throughout the Winter months, my skin will get dry and flaky throughout the day. I spray a few spritzes of this on when I notice that my makeup is looking cakey or lackluster and it brightens it up and gives me a glow-from-within look! You can even spritz this on before your makeup instead of moisturizer.


NYX Ultimate Palette in Warm Neutrals: I will admit it… I have been a snob when it comes to particular beauty products. This includes foundation, concealer, and until recently – eyeshadow. I honestly thought that drugstore eyeshadows could never blend well or have the pigment of high end shadows. Plus, they always smelled cheap. (Do y’all know that smell I’m talking about?) Well, NYX has proven my theory wrong in a BIG way with their Ultimate Palette. This palette includes 16 ultra-pigmented, beautiful warm shades that blend seamlessly.

NYX Adorable Palette: NYX’s Ultimate Palette was a gateway drug for me scooping up more of their eyeshadow palettes and I was so excited to find this one. For under $8.50, it has every color you need to achieve a soft smokey eye. I wear these shades daily and it has been EXTREMELY convenient to have an entire eye look in one palette. I use the soft brown as my transition, then add dimension to the outer V with the darker shades. Finally, I add a pop of pink to my crease and highlight the brow bone and inner corner with the white. See my Beauty highlighted Instagram Story for a tutorial using this palette.

Pixi by Petra Liquid Fairly Lights in Rose Gold: This is a SPOT ON dupe of Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma. But, in my opinion, it is even better! After finishing my eye shadow, I swipe this on all over the lid, but not above the crease, to amp up any makeup look. The glitter and pigment is so opaque and beautiful and there is almost ZERO glitter fallout. Rose Gold is my favorite shade, but I love this product so much I might try them all!

Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black: This mascara is the OG of this post. I have used it for years and will NEVER cheat on it. I just can’t find any mascara, drugstore or high-end, that works as well as this. When it comes to my lashes, I always opt for length and separation. The unique shape of the brush lets you apply layer after layer without your lashes getting chunky and spiky. Plus, the small applicator makes applying mascara to your lower lashes mess free.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil: I have honestly traded in my pricey Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil for this. One end features a tiny, precise brow pencil (taupe matches my brows perfectly) and the other end has a spoolie. The unique size of the pencil makes it easy to fill in your brows without them looking unnatural. On days I need some extra volume, I use the powder and tinted gel in NYX’s 3-in-1 Brow as well.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeliner: I apply this eyeliner in my bottom water line and it lasts a good chunk of my day. Here’s a trick for a little more eye drama: apply this eyeliner in your top waterline too. It will create the illusion of thicker eyelashes without looking like you have more makeup on. I gently pull my eyelid up from the brow bone and apply this eyeliner in the top corners of my upper waterline. It is super pigmented (comparable to MAC and Urban Decay that I had previously worn) but you don’t have to sharpen it, just turn the dial. I used to get eyeliner all over me when I would sharpen them, so this has been a life-saver!


Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor: I have purchased this formula in at least four colors now because it is THAT good! So good, in fact, that in about 90% of my blog photos, I am wearing this lip color. It is super pigmented and stays on for hours, plus it has the matte look I love but doesn’t get dry, flaky, or sticky. And it remains moist without rubbing off. My favorites shades are Devotion and Embrace!

NYX Powder Puff Lippie: On days that I want a vibrant matte look, I always grab NYX’s Powder Puff Lippie. I am beyond obsessed with the cushion applicator, as well as the powder-soft finish. My favorite shades are Best Buds and Squad Goals, but the whole line features extremely wearable shades.

NYX Butter Gloss: Who doesn’t own a shade or two of NYX’s Butter Gloss? These lip glosses are the perfect finishing touch to every look whether they are worn alone or layered over lipstick or liner. These are surprisingly opaque, smell amazing, and come in the perfect shades. My favorites are Vanilla Cream Pie & Creme Brulee.

Wet & Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner in Bare to Comment: I had honestly hated lip liners before trying this product. I always felt that they were too drying and it was such a nuisance having to constantly sharpen them. Wet & Wild has changed my mind and now I don’t walk out of the house without this lip liner. For only $2.99, this lip liner is like butter. It glides on without any tugging, is super pigmented, and lasts! I use it to over line my lips and then fill them in. I follow up with gloss or a liquid lip for all day color. CVS will often run a BOGO on Wet & Wild and I’ll stock up on up to ten of these!

CoverGirl Melting Pout Matte: CoverGirl has dropped the mic with their new Melting Pout Matte. I would easily compare this to Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, but the colors are way more wearable! Ballerina is the PERFECT pink nude neutral that I would describe as your lips, but better. This formula dries down to a gorgeous matte and lasts for hours without getting flaky. If you are looking for a matte liquid lip, this is your new BFF. Plus, it’s under $7!

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  1. Life has honestly never been the same since discovering Nyx! I top up on their Butter Glosses before they even run out !

  2. I love their Butter Glosses, too! Such a great product and love the price point! Xo! - Emily

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