Styling 101 // 2018 Spring & Summer Trends

by - Monday, April 30, 2018

I love this time of year during spring! The mornings are still cool, and in the afternoons we get a taste of the summer days ahead. The temperature is just warm enough to bring out your wedges and that new sundress you've been itching to wear.  Spring and summer are such exciting seasons for fashion. I can't wait to see new trends come to life! To carry us over, here are a few of my favorite trends that we're sure to see in the new season.

You saw it coming...taking it all the way back to the 70s for this ‘history repeats itself’ fashion, jumpsuits are in! From the culotte style, where the pant hits right in the middle of the calf to the full length, you cannot go wrong with a jumpsuit this season. There are so many to choose from and so many different styles, there will definitely be a style for any occasion! Here are some of my favorites...
one | two | three | four

No surprise here! Floral will always be a classic print for spring and summer. This season is definitely no different, but the florals got bigger and better! I love a good floral print on a maxi dress. Check out a few of my favorites below...

Ties & Knots
If you were here for my ‘how to tie a knot’ blog then you know knotting is one of my favorite ways to style pieces! So I did a little happy dance when I saw pre-made knots were "tied" into this season's looks (couldn't help myself). I love the look of a cute blouse that has a knot detail revealing an open back or a knot detail that showcases your figure in the front! For an effortless look, pair any of the above with a pair of high waisted shorts or jeans.

Midi Dresses
So feminine and classic, everyone needs a beautiful midi dress in their closet! They're perfect for a wedding guest dress or with wedges at brunch. Midi dresses for these upcoming seasons are coming in all different styles and I could not be more excited! Shop a few of my faves...

Matching Sets
So I'll be the first to admit, it took awhile for me to accept the 'matching sets' trend. Initially, it took me back about fifteen years to elementary school days when I dared not leave the house without a matching outfit set (thanks, Mom). But the more I saw matching sets out and about and the different styles that quickly evolved, I became OBSESSED! I am a huge fan of the maxi sets I have been seeing and I also love the short sets because of their versatility. 

Which trend are you excited to try the most this season?! Let us know in the comments below!

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