What Women Should Wear To The Masters

by - Friday, April 13, 2018

When I was researching what to wear to the Masters I had the hardest time finding any recommendations. I found a few pictures on Pinterest but didn’t have much to go off of. It seemed like no one could recommend what to wear, so as a first-time spectator I am here to help! Below are some tips on what women should wear to the Masters.

I’m not a big golfer, to be honest, I know nothing about golf, so I spent a lot of time people watching since I didn’t have my phone. During my time people watching I saw 3 different types of women at Augusta National.

  1. Serious Golfers: You can tell the serious golfers right off the bat. They have their cute golf skirts, polos and/or pullover and sneakers on. They don’t care about anything but watching the tournament.
  2. Locals: These people have been to the Masters more times than you can count. They’re rocking cute chino shorts, sweater and likely an old Masters hat. This isn’t their first rodeo and they’re like there on business.
  3. Stylish Cuties: When walking through the parking lot I was like, “dang it, I’m for sure way overdressed.” However, as the day went on I saw more an more people dressed like me. There were a lot of Lilly Dresses and lot of seersucker, most of which were dressed down with hats or sneakers. Don’t get me wrong, I did get some strange looks from serious golfers, but we were both there for different reasons. 

I loved my outfit! I felt like it was very me and very golf appropriate. We did a lot of standing, but we did buy chairs to sit, so I never had an issue wearing a dress. There’s also stand throughout the course, so rarely did I see someone sitting on the grass. I debated bringing a jacket or not but I am so glad I did because it was pretty chilly until about noon. Below are 5 things I definitely recommend wearing/bringing.

  1. Sneakers: I saw a lot of girls wearing sandals, but we did SO much walking I’m so glad I went with sneakers. It also rained the night before so sneakers were helpful to avoid any muddy areas (which were minimal because of the immaculate grounds).
  2. Light Jacket: Like I mentioned it was chilly in the mornings, so I was happy to have some coverage to keep me warm.
  3. Small Purse: The Masters is VERY strict, so a small crossbody bag is ideal. All bags must be no larger than 10″W x 10″H x 12″D. A crossbody is the best option due to all the walking and standing, I didn’t want to have to have something to lug around.
  4. Hat: A hat was a must have for me, one because I was having an awful hair day, but two because it protected my scalp and face from the sun. The last thing I wanted was to get sunburned.
  5. Rain Jacket/Poncho: Small rainstorms are common this time of year, so you don’t want to be stuck outside in the rain stranded. I bought a cheap emergency poncho and just kept in my jacket pocket. Thank goodness I didn’t have to use it.

There are definitely different routes you could go down when choosing your outfit. Now that I’ve been once I’ll probably opt for something a little more casual if I get the honor to go again.
Original Content Written by The Thrifty Pineapple

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  1. As a local who has had the privilege of attending the Masters many, many times, I can tell you that you nailed it! Spot on, girl! Glad you got to visit our little slice of heaven!

  2. It’s so cool you got to go to the masters! The course looks so beautiful on tv. Love your outfit, xAllie www.theallthatglittersblog.com

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