What to Wear: Sorority Recruitment

by - Friday, August 16, 2013

One of the best decisions a girl can make going into college is to participate in sorority recruitment. 

I had a different experience with rush because Wake Forest has spring recruitment. Our rounds weren't the same as other schools, and the outfits were very different than what girls wear for fall rush. That being said, I've put together some outfits of what I personally think would be good to wear for recruitment. It truly varies school to school the "dress code" for each round, but there are the basic days that I think are pretty standard for each college's recruitment.

As a guideline for each round, I looked at the University of Alabama's Greek life website. It's actually very informative!


blue door boutique cut out that dress | the red dress boutique definition of darling dress | blue door boutique sneak a peek dress | lilly pulitzer laya dress | tory burch croc print miller sandal


j. crew 3" chino short | j. crew 4" chino short | j. crew pilar sandal | j. crew leather capri sandal 


lilly pulitzer janice dress | judith march hearts afire dress | lilly pulitzer kirkland dress | jack rogers hamptons hi-wedge


lilly pulitzer shiloh dress | alice and olivia draped one shoulder dress | robert rodriguez peplum pencil dress | shoshanna jane dress | j. crew everly mirror metallic pumps | kate spade lisa heel | kate spade lori heel | nine west leggy peep toe pump


This is just a basic guideline for what to wear for rush. Every school is different, so I've tried to be very generic in terms of what to wear for each day. Good luck to all the incoming freshman going through recruitment! It is definitely the best decision I've made in college, and I am so thankful for my sorority! I don't know what I would do without the girls I've met since bid day! You really do end up where you're supposed to be (like college), so don't worry and have fun! It all works out in the end.

For those girls who have already been through recruitment, please comment with advice and tips for PNM's!

Have a great day!
Written by Hannah from Pink and Green Prep

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