Marleylilly HQ // Staff Competition Recap

by - Saturday, June 02, 2018

Two weeks ago, Marleylilly put team building to the ultimate test with a company-wide box competition! The boxes were assembled for a new robotic fulfillment system coming Summer 2018. Employees were divided into seven teams; pink, teal, orange, purple, yellow, navy blue and green. In true Marleylilly fashion, each team proudly repped colorful accessories — superhero masks, high-knee socks, furry mustaches, bandanas, light-up headbands, and tutus, to name a few! 

To kick things off, each team had ten minutes to practice assembling a box...

Once everyone mastered the box construction, the competition began! To play it safe, referees were on standby to offer motivation, support... and the occasional penalty flag to curve the competition. 😉

Three hours and 7,500 boxes later, all team members finished assembling and the production floor was dominated by a color wave! What started as this...

...quickly transformed into this:

The first team to assemble all their boxes won bragging rights, a special prize, and the highly coveted honor of naming the new robots! In the end, Team Purple claimed the win and took their victory lap to the tune of Queen's "We Are the Champions", but everyone left the competition with a smile and full belly, thanks to our fiesta luncheon with Salsarita's

The 2018 Marleylilly Box Competition was one for the books! It was a great team building experience and gave everyone the opportunity to mix and mingle with different departments!

We hope you'll be inspired by our colorful box competition to create your own team building experience, whether it's with co-workers, teammates or a with a big group of friends! Speaking from experience, add some color it makes it all the more fun!

Until the next competition peace, love, and monograms!

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