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by - Saturday, June 09, 2018

Packing Hacks with Marleylilly's Stylist

What am I going to wear?! I have been there for EVERY trip and have sent the inevitable text ‘what are YOU going to pack?’ to my friends. Without fail, I always overpack no matter how much I plan ahead. To hold me accountable this time, I've pre-planned all my outfits for my upcoming 4-day trip to Savannah, Georgia with my girls. To help us both out, I've also included my best packing tips in hopes that I can follow my own advice and help you guys out, too!

Friday Outfits:
Travel Day

I sometimes go back and forth between wanting to be comfy or a little dressed up on a road trip. For this round, I chose both! I'll be leaving early from work on Friday and will arrive around dinner time, so I don't want to spend a ton of time getting ready for the evening- that is what makes this outfit perfect! This top from Monday Dress is so on point and SO comfy - it feels like you are wearing a pajama top, but it's still super cute (y'all...the color). I accessorized it with a cute trendy necklace so I feel more put together and I'm good to go when I get there!

Saturday Outfits:

We are spending all day Saturday at Tybee Island, so a cute bathing suit is a must! My favorite bathing suit color to wear is black, so of course, I packed my high neck bikini top with high waisted bikini bottoms. This suit duo makes me feel so confident. I am also wearing my Monogrammed Romper as a cover-up so I can go straight from the beach to the bistro for lunch! 

You can’t go on a trip with the girls without going to a fancy dinner! I love the jumpsuit trend, so this Beyond Words Jumpsuit from Monday Dress was a MUST for me! The ruffles and spaghetti straps are super flattering and with a pair of heels and gold hoops, you can’t go wrong!

Since we'll be walking around Broughton Street and the city all day, I couldn’t pass up the Monogrammed Boyfriend Dress! It is SUPER soft, lightweight enough for the heat, and since we will be in and out of shops trying on clothes, it's the perfect outfit!


Usually, when my friends and I go on a trip and rent an Airbnb with a kitchen, we like to stay in one night and cook together! I like the Boyfriend Sweater because it's lightweight and the slouchy fit makes it perfect to throw on, scrunch up the sleeves, and feel cozy for a night in! It's a must on my packing list.

Monday Outfit:
I love wearing maxi dresses during the summertime, and this one is no exception! It is very flattering and the fun colors make me smile, so that is an added plus. We plan on stopping and eating a sit-down lunch on our way out of town, so I thought this would be an effortless look and also be comfortable for the ride home!

Now on to how I'm packing!

When I first begin my packing, I lay out all the items on my bed so I can strategically add everything to my suitcase. I start with my shoes so that they are on the bottom. Since shoes can get yucky over a period of time, I put a plastic bag around them so shoe germs don’t get on my clothes.

While packing for a shorter trip like this one, I like to pack my outfits together (see the GIF below). This makes it easy to visualize my outfits and makes for an easy grab when I'm unpacking my suitcase.

I usually don’t fold my jewelry with my outfits unless it is a huge piece that will not get tangled, like a big necklace or chunky bracelet, so traveling jewelry cases are a MUST! I hate untangling necklaces or worrying about breaking a chain in the process, so I normally put my dainty pieces in a small baggy and clip the chain in the closure then pack them away in the traveling case. This helps the pieces from not tangling and they stay all together in a convenient (and cute) case!

I typically lay my hair tools and toiletry case on top of my clothes so they are the first to get unpacked. These are also the last items I add in my suitcase, because you have to get ready! I layer my undergarments and pajamas just beneath that so they are out of sight.

Tip: Pack away your undergarments in a lingerie bag! This keeps them together and when it is time to go home, you have easy access for laundry! Check out this cute Monogrammed Lingerie Bag!

If I stay in a place for more than two nights, I try to unpack everything and put it away as if I were at my house. I will hang up my outfits in the closet, place my shoes out below the clothes, put my jewelry on the dresser in the room, and fold away my undergarments and pajamas. This also helps get rid of the wrinkles that inevitably happen during travel.

Tip: My secret weapon for keeping my outfits feeling clean and looking nice is Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray - you will never see me traveling without it! I will spray the items right after I take them out of my suitcase. When I shower for the first time, I will hang the item that I just sprayed in the bathroom somewhere so the spray and the steam from the shower can work together and release the wrinkles! 

Lastly, don’t forget your favorite tote bag! I love carrying totes in addition to a suitcase, because not only can it double as an extra carry-on if you’re flying, but it can also be great for road trips because you can fit so much in them! I like putting my must-haves in my tote for traveling, like my phone charger, snacks, hand sanitizer, a light cardigan (if necessary), a small lotion sunscreen, and my makeup! 

I can’t wait to visit Savannah, Georgia with my girlfriends! There is always so much to do and see...and the shopping! I hope you guys liked some of these packing tips and tricks and maybe even gathered some inspiration for your next vacation outfit along the way! Where are you going on vacation this year? Let us know in the comments below!



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